About Me

I have been interested in photography from an early age, focusing on landscape from around 2004 with the onset of digital photography. Most of my travels take place in New Zealand and Australia, but I also find myself shooting at home in the UK as well as in Europe.

The earliest photos on this site date from 2004 when I was using a Canon EOS 300D. I upgraded to the Canon EOS 400D in 2007 and then the Canon 7D in 2009. More recently, I purchased a Canon 6D full frame in 2015 and currently use it alongside the 7D.

In 2015, I also upgraded lenses and now use the Canon EF 24-70mm II USM L series lens (f 2.8) and the Canon EF 70-300mm IS USM L series (f 4-5.6) lens.

I hope that you enjoy my photos. I would welcome any constructive criticism or suggestions.

Anton Kendall

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